We all have problems with smelly sports kit. Be it running kit, running shoes, cycling kit cycling shoes, wetsuits, ladies sports bras, boxing gloves, yoga and stretching mats, to name a few.

SportsPONG pre-wash soak is the answer! Our product is specifically formulated to remove sweaty malodours and is 100% natural, organic and biodegradable.

Stinky sports kit?


SportsPONG is a unique and highly specialized blend of bacteria and enzymes designed to remove the odour causing bacteria found in sports kit.

√ Extreme enzyme action removes stubborn odours normal washing can’t.

√ Specially formulated to remove sweaty malodours from Lycra-Spandex garments.

√ 100% natural, organic and biodegradable.

√ No harsh chemicals, so no damage to your clothing.

√ It’s kind to your skin and the environment.

√  SportsPONG is a proudly South African product and is currently available from selected sports stores and online.

Stinky sports shoes?


The friction inside your shoe causes dead skin to flake off . The particles of dead skin contain organic material which gets pushed to the side of the shoe between the upper and the sole where in the ideal conditions of sweat and warmth decomposition occurs causing malodours.

By spraying SportsPONG Foot & Shoe Spray lightly inside the shoe the enzymes and good bacteria remove the smell. Take care not to let the shoes dry in sunlight.

If the socks you use contain a mix of Lycra wash them in SportsPong.

SportsPONG Foot & Shoe Spray is free of phosphates and phenals.


The problem often occurs after normal wash where you put on “fresh” kit and within minutes it has started smelling!

This is caused by a bacteria called “micrococcus” which occurs naturally on our skin and in the environment. Phd research had shown that this tiny bacteria, for some reason, thrives in the fibres of sports kit and is extremely difficult to remove. It can survive temperatures up to 80°C – which in itself is a problem as we normally cold-wash our sports kit! Washing machines generally only reach 60°C and we cannot iron this type of fabric.

The only way to remove this bacteria is to introduce bacteria and enzymes that will supplant the odour-causing bacteria, thus removing the source of the smell.

SportsPONG is a unique and highly specialised blend of bacteria and enzymes designed to remove the odour causing bacteria found in sports kit.

SportsPONG is manufactured by a company called Sannitree, based in the Western Cape. Sannitree is an ISO9001 certified company and are the leading suppliers of 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable products for the treatment of organic waste and waste water since 1986. They have extensive knowledge and experience in enzyme and bacteria based products.


Pour 50ml of SportsPONG in 2.5 litres of cold water and soak your problem kit overnight for the enzymes to do their work on the odour causing bacteria. Wash as normal thereafter.

Our SportsPONG shoe spray is a concentrated product- spray directly into the shoe and allow to dry somewhere cool and out of the sun.


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